Friday, January 08, 2010

Worrall-Thompson Grilled On Illegal Cook

A failed asylum seeker has been arrested at TV chef Antony Worrall-Thompson’s restaurant near Kew Bridge in London.

The 33-year-old Algerian was working in the kitchens at the Kew Grill and is thought to have presented a copy of a fake French passport to get the job.

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) said AWT’s restaurant may be fined if it is proved managers failed to carry out the proper checks.

The cook has been given immigration bail while the UKBA works to get travel documents to remove him from the country.

He was one of two illegal immigrants arrested in the area. The other – a 30-year-old Pakistani – was working at a local kebab shop.

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AWT said...

See what parking your bike under my menu board did, Lonnie? Someone saw this blog, squealed about it to the law, and it cost me my best wing-man.

You'll get no recipes from me, ever (aside from any you have already from watching me on telly, obviously).

Also, don't even think about turning up at my next book signing, (June 15th, Tesco West Ham, "Recruitment, Leadership and Book-Keeping for Success) or you won't only not get an autograph, you'll get a thump on the nose!

Thanks, Lonnie, thanks! (It is "Lonnie" isn't it? Anyway, bollocks!)