Saturday, January 09, 2010

Fugitive Foodie Undone By Pork Stew

If you ever wanted to illustrate the benefits of learning how to knock out the odd easy dish, then look no further than the unlikely tale of Chang Wen-tzung.

The food-loving fugitive managed to evade cops for 15 years until his craving for stewed pork rice got the better of him, says the Central News Agency.

The 56-year-old fled a drugs conviction in Taiwan for illegally consuming codeine (claiming it had come from, you know, when he’d accidentally downed some cough medicine), but the years he spent on the run in China, apparently made his hankering for lu rou fan all the more severe.

Rather than learn how to boil down some pork belly chunks, soy sauce, garlic, shitake mushrooms and a handful of hard-boiled eggs - a dish that even Ainsley Harriott could probably have a stab at - he eventually decided he could take no more, and flew back to the island for a slap-up feast, but was arrested at Taichung airport.

When Chang told police that his craving had brought him back to the island, an officer went to a night market to buy him a bowl of stewed pork rice. The price? Three years and 50 days in prison. But then I suppose other people's cooking always tastes better...or is that just me?

This stewed pork recipe’s for all the gastronomes still on the run...and comes courtesy of the excellent blog Gaga In The Kitchen.


goingwithmygut said...

Hilarious. What a great news find. I rather suspect I will be undone in the same way someday, somewhere...

gaga said...

That's an awesome story! I have to admit, I do often have bad cravings for good taiwanese street food, but I'm not sure jail is worth it :)