Thursday, May 02, 2013

Down And Out In South East Asia

Well it’s finally done. The book I mean. If you enjoyed my bestselling food book Down And Out In Padstow And London, about cooking in restaurants in the UK and the larger-than-life characters that inhabit them, then hopefully you’ll like the sequel Down And Out In South East Asia.

It sees the return of failed chef and hack Lennie Nash - this time setting off to eat his way through SE Asia, with a half-baked plan to buy a restaurant. 

Along the way, Lennie encounters a host of weird characters from frazzled bar owners to Walter Mitty CIA agents to seedy sexpats to ice zombies four years over on their visa.

The book is an adventure story, spiked with a heavy dose of backpacker noir, through the eateries, street food stalls, and hazy bars of Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Anyway, I’d be delighted if you read it. It’s only out as a Kindle book to start with, and costs £1.99 - about the price of half a lager in the UK now, I’m told. Go on, you’ll have a lovely warm glow inside knowing you’ve kept me in noodles for another day...CLICK HERE


ChrisH said...


Took me 10 seconds from reading the post to one-click-buying the book.

Looking forward to reading it.

Lyndell VanMatre said...

Just found you through a link from the bigfatundertaking blog.

Have gone to Amazon & d/l your first book. If I enjoy it, I'll be buying the new one in a day or two. You may look for my review as soon as I finish reading it.

In addition, thanks for the blog on trashing of the seas.

Chippy said...

Read it and loved it.

Thankfully it wasn't quite as bleak as 'London and Padstow' (which isn't to say I didn't love that one too).

I'm looking forward to Lenny's next adventure.

Lennie Nash said...

Thanks ChrisH! Really hope you enjoy reading it.

Lennie Nash said...

Dear Lyndell,

That's a great blog, the bigfatundertaking - but leaves me with a few horrific memories of the Fat Duck.

Hope you like the books. Would love to hear what you think.


Lennie Nash said...

Hi Chippy,

So glad you enjoyed it. And thought it less bleak than Padstow and London. Was worried it might be the other way round!

Thanks - you've made my day.