Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Down And Out In Padstow And London - The Paperback

I’m delighted to say my new book - Down and Out In Padstow and London - about training to be a chef, including stints at Rick Stein's and the Fat Duck, is now out as a paperback.

I haven’t seen a copy of it yet because I’m in Cambodia and stuff takes about three years to get here, and even when it does, it usually gets nicked in the post.

But you’ll be pleased to hear it was put together by a professional - Jo Harrison - who has proof-read the first copy and made a couple of tweaks, and from the photos (above and below) she sent me, it looks even better than I was hoping.

As you’re probably bored of me saying, I’m very pleased with the feedback and reviews I’ve had for the eBook version, which is still in the top 20 of the Kindle food and drink bestsellers chart.

And because of the number of people who said they’d rather wait for the printed version, I’m hoping the paperback may do even better.

It’s available now on Amazon for £7.99 plus delivery - CLICK HERE.

Anyway, I know things are tough in these belt-tightening times, but if you have a few quid to spare and fancy a delve into the madness of the professional kitchen, then I reckon you might like it - and you’ll get a really nice, warm feeling knowing you’ve kept me in noodles for another day.

What’s it about? The description on the back cover is:

“A humorous account of what really happens behind the scenes of both Michelin-starred restaurants and lesser establishments - and the extraordinary, larger-than-life characters who inhabit them. The book begins with Lennie Nash's decision to give up his job as a journalist, aged 40, and a fateful meeting with Rick Stein, when the cheffing door is opened.

“There follow stints in the kitchens at Padstow, a failed audition for Masterchef, work as a commis chef under a crazed ex-football hooligan, 16-hour shifts as a kitchen slave in a gastropub, and the rigours of the Fat Duck. Unable to keep up with the younger chefs around him, he gives up the dream and returns to office life, only to find the itch starting again...

“The book is aimed at the umpteen armchair chefs and foodies who would love to learn the trade first-hand from the professionals, braving the stress, 16-hour days, and low pay of kitchen life, but are far too sensible to do so.”

The blurb is:

“Reading this book is a serious test for any food writer. Not only has Alex Watts done what all of us say we would like to do, tested his mettle in a professional kitchen, he also writes about his experiences so well that you spend as much time being jealous of his writing skills as you do of his experiences. It's an annoyingly enjoyable read.”
- Simon Majumdar, author of two food/travel memoirs, Eat My Globe and Eating For Britain.

Twitter Reviews:

"A rattling good read." - @chrispople

"It's a fab read. The Fat Duck chapters are class." - @Mcmoop

"If you claim to be a foodie you MUST buy this book." -@CorkGourmetGuy

"Bought your book and am hugely enjoying. Funny, engaging, interesting, lively." - @oliverthring

"A great read about the reality of working at The Fat Duck & other less famed restaurants." - @alanbertram

"Very funny, very close to the bone." - @AmeliaHanslow

"A great read and must have book for anyone in the industry." - @philwhite101

"Thoroughly enjoyed it." - @rosechadderton

"Excellent!" - @MissCay

"Just finished your book, and loved it! Thanks for ending on a happy note; it needed it after all the reality ;-)" - @voorschot

"Fab account of psycho chefs, plus work experience with Heston and Stein." - @Laurajanekemp

"Excellent read & loved the ‘scary duck’ tale! I look forward to the follow up book (no pressure ;D). Great memories of first being addressed as chef." - @granthawthorne

"Sensational account of a chef’s life, couldn't put it down. Get it from Amazon now!" - @Fishermansarms

"I'm loving your book. Very enjoyable. Some great one-liners. "His legs wobbled like a crab on stilts" had me chuckling." - @griptonfactor

"Highly recommended. A great book about changing careers for his love of cooking." - @Whatsinmymouth

"Downloaded the book last Sunday and finished it the same day! Great read." - @MTomkinsonChef

"Very funny." - @SkyRuth

"Any of you who have flirted with chefdom, go and immediately download this book from Amazon - Down and Out in Padstow and London. Great read." - @el_duder

"Truly brilliant." - @kcassowary

"Just rattled through Down And Out in Padstow and London by Alex Watts in no time at all, what a great book." - @leejamesburns

"It's brilliant, a fine piece of work. If you've ever wanted to peer into a professional kitchen I can't recommend it highly enough." - @acidadam

"Fantastic read - the English Kitchen Confidential!" - @cabbagemechanic

"A great eBook to buy about serving your time (literally!) as a trainee chef." - @OkBayBach

"Great read." - @rankamateur

"Don't start reading it if you have things to do:)" - @NorthernSnippet

"Great book...couldn't put it down, read it non-stop on a train and finished it in one day." - @chunkymunki

"Jolly good read, feel free to do one more." - @esbens

There are also 12 reviews on its Amazon Kindle page...

Go on, as so many of you said, there’s nothing like the smell, touch and teacup stains of a ‘real’ book...


Jo Harrison said...

Thanks for the mention Alex, I have linked to this blog post from my eBook formatting page on my website. The book is next on my list to read, will definitely leave you a review soon. Good luck with the sales!

Talei said...

Whoop! Congrats Alex, that's bloody marvellous! And what a great cover design! ;-)