Monday, January 16, 2012

McMouse On Menu: Big Mac Vermin Video

Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun. Oh, and a mouse, if you’re unlucky enough to buy a Big Mac from a McDonalds in the US.

A former employee at the West Oak Lane restaurant in Philadelphia has posted a disturbing video of a rodent scurrying around in a bag filled with dozens of McDonalds burger buns.

Karruim Demaio says he pulled out his mobile phone to film the creature in a back room store, and was so appalled by the footage he’s released it as a warning to customers.

“That wasn't the first time. That was about the sixth or seventh time. That's what made me like, I got to get video of this,” he told Fox News.

“I was going back there to get something else and I heard some rustling, so I turned around, and I look, I seen a mouse inside the bread. Not on top of the package, but inside of the package.”

Demaio said the baps were contaminated with droppings on numerous occasions.

“I was working there from October of 2010 to January of this year. There hasn't been a time when we couldn't go in the back and see mouse droppings on the bread,” he added.

He says his boss told staff to brush off the droppings, and serve the baps to customers - a claim denied by the female manager. Fox News said a second employee has confirmed Demaio’s allegations.

Raw Video: Mouse In Bag Of Big Mac Rolls:

Ken Youngblood, owner of the McDonalds franchise, initially said he hadn’t seen the TV station’s news report, but later sent out a statement.

“After viewing the video, we are going to continue to investigate this claim to make certain we have all the facts.

“I want my customers to know that I am taking this matter seriously and will immediately address any issues that may exist. Therefore, if necessary, we will work with the appropriate authorities to get the facts,” he said.

The restaurant has a string of health violations over the last 18 months including live flies found in the food prep area, food not being kept cool enough, and fridges not working properly, according to the Philadelphia Health Department.

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