Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Masterchef Song Top Of The Pots

The unfathomably brilliant Masterchef techno song has entered the top 40 – and is set to shoot up the charts this week.

With England on fire, global stock markets in meltdown, and The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse cutting short their holidays to plunge the country into further chaos, anything is possible – even a number one hit featuring the undeniable talents of Gregg Wallace and John Torode.

Swede Mason’s mash-up of ridiculous phrases and mid-rapture expressions from Egg and Toad, set to a funky, distorted bass lick became an overnight internet sensation when it was put on YouTube.

Millions of people around the world have now heard his incredibly catchy Masterchef Synesthesia, which on Sunday went to number 37 in the UK’s top 40 singles chart, just days after its release.

The editing masterpiece starts off with Egg rapping about a contestant’s “buttery biscuit base”, spliced with repetitions of “base, base, base, base...”

Later, it cuts to Toad throwing in an “acid bass” line for good measure as the screen goes all Scooby Doo, and demonstrating how it needs some oomph.

“Wobble, wobble, wobble,” raps Toad in the bridge, throwing his arms around like an acid casualty fending off imaginary wasps in a St John Ambulance festival tent, to lightning-quick edits of Egg's insistent: “Base!”

Egg and Toad are clearly big fans of the song, which is raising cash for Comic Relief. Both were celebrating the news it had got into the top 40.

Egg tweeted: “Really cannot believe I'm in a song in the top 40. Really very funny, and kind of nice.”

“When they said top 40, I thought they were talking about our ages. It’s bizarre,” Toad added.

It’s great news for 31-year-old Mason, who is saving up funds so he can give up his day job as a plasterer and labourer in London to concentrate on his music.

It’s quite fitting, given Masterchef’s premise of giving it all up to “make it as a professional”. Cue: Techno doesn’t get tougher than this...

Or as Egg would say: “This delivers on every...single...level.”

Other figures of ridicule Mason has poked fun at with his mash-ups include Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Madeley, Mel Gibson, and Harold from Neighbours. So at least they’re in good company.

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