Tuesday, January 15, 2013

French Restaurant In Hot Water Over Sex And Drugs Parties

A French restaurant in Catford, south London, faces closure after allegations of customers having sex on the premises, brawling, drug use, and people defecating outside the building.

Le Bourgeois, situated under a block of flats called appropriately enough Eros House, is also said to run a weekly late night adult party called Thick Lick, advertising "male and female performers, exotic dancers, private rooms" and a "birthday special".

"On several occasions I saw finger and hands prints places on the bonnet of my car in a compromising position," one local resident told police. 

Other neighbours gave anonymous statements complaining about finding used condoms in the basement, a gun being fired, shouting and screaming, and drug dealing at the venue. 

The Met Police have called for Le Bourgeois’ licence to be revoked, and Lewisham Council’s licensing committee will decide the matter on Thursday.

Lewisham East MP Heidi Alexander told reporters she was first contacted about the problems nine months ago.

"People talked about having to clean up faeces from outside the restaurant. They told me there are strippers inside and there are people having sex at the back of the restaurant," she said.

"Given the length of time that these problems have been going on, I do think some serious action needs to be taken."

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