Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hilarious Employee Dismissal Form

Bosses at Domino’s Pizza are investigating whether an amusing employee dismissal form that has been trending on Twitter is genuine or not.

More than 23,000 internet-users have already seen the document (below) which claims that a pizza worker was sacked for turning up to work under the influence of drugs and insulting customers. He apparently told one customer who complained about his behaviour: “Go straddle a narwhale you chlorinated gene pool.”

The details are so quirky it is hard to believe the form isn’t a fake – but then who could come up with stuff like that without the help of mind-bending drugs, far more be able to remember them afterwards?

When I phoned the Domino’s press office, a spokeswoman said she was trying to find out whether the employee dismissal form was genuine.

She added: "We have looked into it, and it's definitely nothing to do with us here in the UK or Ireland. Firstly because it mentions lava cakes, which is something we don't sell over here.

"We do suspect that it's from our colleagues in Australia, but because of the mass floods over there we've been struggling to get hold of them by email or phone to confirm that's a definite."


Kavey said...

It might have stores in a lot of countries, but narrowing it down to a country where English is a native language should narrow it down a fair bit, no?

Lennie Nash said...

Absolutely Kavey. Apparently they've now confirmed it was in Australia - only country where people order lava cake with a pea-zza, mate.

Jonjo said...

This is hilarious! lol