Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gordon Ramsay A Cut Above The Rest?

And I thought my knife skills were rusty...

If Gordon Ramsay needed any more proof that he should get back into the kitchen, while he can still remember how to chop an onion, and forget swooning around TV green rooms pretending to be the world’s best chef, then his appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday may be a wake-up call.

Ironically enough, Ramsay is teaching the presenter how to slice stir-fy vegetables using the proper clawed-hand method so she doesn’t cut her fingers, when he slices off a finger nail.

He looks embarrassed for a moment, but quickly quips: "But it's convenient, it's a red pepper and you won't see the blood."

"I can’t believe I’ve done that, honestly...I haven't cut myself in 10 years," he adds as DeGeneres bandages his wound.

That might well have something to do with the fact he hasn’t done any proper fecking cooking for 10 years. Get back in the kitchen Gordon while you’ve still got fingers! Watch the clip above...the ‘ouch’ moment is two minutes in.


Caleb Chen said...

Is it just me or is it disgusting that he continues to use the same hand to pinch salt, toss in vegetables, and throw in the rice? Makes me scared to patronize any of his restaurants if he disregards such basic sanitation principles.

Some Chilean Woman said...

So much for Ellen's vegan lifestyle!