Saturday, October 31, 2009

John Burton Race On Drink Drive Rap

John Burton Race must be wondering when his problems will end. Months after going bankrupt and a costly divorce, the TV chef has been arrested and charged with drink driving.

To make matters worse, the fiery cook has also been charged with resisting arrest.

The 52-year-old onion-botherer was stopped by police in a routine check in Strete, near his New Angel restaurant in Dartmouth, Devon, in the early hours of Friday morning.

The cook, who appeared on TV show I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here, was breathalysed and then arrested, well eventually anyway (allegedly).

A spokeswoman for Devon and Cornwall Police told Chef Sandwich: "John Burton Race, 52, was arrested on October 30 at about 1am.

“He has been charged with driving or attempting to drive with excess alcohol and resisting or obstructing a constable in the execution of their duty."

He was released on unconditional bail and is due to appear before magistrates in Newton Abbot on November 17.

Burton Race was declared bankrupt in March this year.

He has appeared on a number of TV shows including French Leave and Return of the Chef which focused on him and his family setting up home in France and South Devon.


green drawers said...

His troubles will end when he stops being such an arse. Simple really. Don't drink and drive. Don't conduct an affair whilst proclaiming to the world you're a loving family man. Don't spend what's not yours. I think that sums up his mistakes for now....

Lennie Nash said...

Tough stuff Green Drawers, but very well put!

Does bug me when these celebrity chefs (AWT included) go bankrupt, then buy the restaurant back (albeit with the help of a rich friend), still owing creditors thousands.


gower cottage said...

I started watching & enjoying JBR on his programme French Leave which was absolutely fantastic, but what actually made the programme, was his great family, which he then decided to ditch and ever since he has failed for me on all his desperate media moments. This latest incident just confirms any lingering doubts that I may have had, and it is now official, he is, as green drawers says, an arse.

Anonymous said...

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